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From the perspective of wholeness all space is sacred: it is up to each of us whether or not this is realized.

Keith Critchlow
Twelve Criteria for Sacred Architecture

When you build a stupa, you are
building your own enlightenment.

The Venerable Gyatrul Rinpoche

Comfortable as a "fire starter," Bonnie DeVarco regularly designs, lectures, and writes about emerging technologies in education, virtual worlds, collaborative visualization, next generation geographic information systems, information visualization and the culture of cyberspace. Her academic background is in cultural anthropology, dance ethnology, and archives management. In the 1980s, Bonnie carried out fieldwork on living megalithic cultures, the arts and tourism on the islands of Java, Bali and Sulawesi. This shaped her current work creating ritual environments in virtual worlds. As founder and principal of MediaTertia, Bonnie is currently co-writing a book on the history and evolution of visual language and leading edge visualization tools and practices. From 1989 to 1995 she was chief archivist for the Buckminster Fuller Archives, recently acquired by Stanford University.

Bonnie's Statement

World as Yantra: Sacred Architectures

I will provide a visual context in which to understand both an ancient and emerging sacred monument as sister sites located on two sides of the Pacific Rim – Java and California. I will look closely at the architectural, geometric, symbolic, and spiritual parallels of Borobudur Monument in Java and the Land of Medicine Buddha’s 100,000 Stupa Project. Borobudur, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the largest, most complex Mahayana Buddhist monument on Earth. Originally built as a Monastery and pilgrimage site in the 9th century in Central Java, Borobudur was abandoned after less than 200 years when Java converted to Islam. In the centuries that followed, Borobudur was virtually covered by volcanic ash and vegetation for many centuries before it was rediscovered, cleared and reconstructed. With only its topmost stupa in view during the intervening centuries, it was often referred to as the mysterious “Mountain of a Thousand Statues.”

Land of Medicine Buddha is preparing the ground for the building of another spiritual “mountain” through its “100,000 Stupa” project, a “Project for World Peace.” This new sacred temple is based on the architecture of Borobudur, a 3-dimensional Mandala, and will provide both local and global communities a place for pilgrimage, reverence and contemplation.

Borobudur Monument,
Central Java

Model of proposed 100,000
Stupa Monument,
Land of Medicine Buddha

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