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A blessing is not something that one person gives another. A blessing is a moment of meeting, a certain kind of relationship in which both people involved remember and acknowledge their true nature and worth, and strengthen what is whole in one another.

By making a place for wholeness within our relationships, we offer others the opportunity to be whole without shame and become a place of refuge from everything in them and around them that is not genuine. We enable people to remember who they are.

Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.
As president of Alben Design LLC and founder of the Sea Change Design Consortium, Lauralee Alben assists individuals and organizations in bringing about integrity, innovation, and sustainability. She is dedicated to defining a new role for design in helping to solve the formidable economic, social, and environmental issues we face today. She coaches leaders and consults with clients including Apple Computer, Procter & Gamble, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium, achieving positive change on individual, organizational, and global levels. Well respected as a thought leader and champion of the human spirit, Lauralee is an internationally acclaimed speaker and designer, author, and recipient of the prestigious Muriel Cooper Prize.

Lauralee's Statement

Born to Create
Creativity is a life force, an energy of pure potential that flows through all of us. All that is needed is for us to allow it, focus and direct it, harness it, and be grateful for it. It is a power that demands respect and offers each of us a way to speak our own truths. Creativity is both deeply personal and infinite, unique and universal. Some define it as the origination of new ideas, intentional change, or the bringing of form out of chaos. Perhaps it is simply life's longing for itself to be realized.

How can we each honor our creative birthright? Where are the sources of our creative center, the actions that empower our creative flow, and the intentions that foster our creative consciousness? Let's explore these questions at the edge of our collective creativity. It is on this edge that we can design a world worth inheriting, work worth doing, and lives worth living. Here, as we stand poised at this precious and precarious point in our planetary existence, we can design new ways of being that will birth a life-sustaining world for all species, for all time.

What is design? Design is the conscious planning of meaningful acts that influence our relationships to ourselves, each other, those yet unborn, the sacred, and the web of life. By this definition, we are all designers. Designers create. Said another way: We are all born to create. Who we become is a conscious choice we are infinitely capable of designing. Together.

Image of flow from the
Sea Change Design Process

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