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Art can be made any time, anywhere—
it could be a walk which lasts three weeks or it could be in a place that no one else has been to, or it could be a work that disappears in two or three minutes in the sunshine.

Richard Long

As a young sculptor living in NYC in the 1980's, Tony DeVarco was introduced to the sculptor Mark Di Suvero. He spent 18 months as Di Suvero's assistant while living and working on his art across the street from Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City. During this same time he met the sculptor Isamu Noguchi, whose studio/museum was located one block from where Tony lived. Tony went on to show his work in museums and galleries in New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. He became the Director of the Buckminster Fuller Institute in 1991 to 1995.

After moving to Santa Cruz in 1997, Tony held various senior marketing positions at Silicon Graphics and Symantec Corporation. In 2005 Tony launched his BeachHenge series of photographs while traveling the world on business. Recently he joined Owen Media; a Seattle based high tech marketing and public relations firm as vice president and account director.

Tony's Statement

Gathered Stones: Working in the Sacred Landscape

Building off of my “Gathering Stones” presentation at Stone, Water, Spirit last year, I will show the latest photographs and video of my sculptures from the BeachHenge series, created on a remote island off the coast of Maine. These images document the unfolding results of my own "awakened" consciousness. Inspired by examples of the human drive to seek, gather, and then arrange massive standing stones into a primordial sacred space, I will look closer at ancient stone circles from Europe to Asia. Moving into the contemporary world, I will highlight the work of artist Richard Long who, through the simple expression of taking a walk outside, transforms the landscape into temporary sacred spaces. 

The BeachHenge Series
in front of a Stupa at the
Land of the Medicine Buddha

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